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Pre-register now for the April 13 SJAA auction


The twenty-third annual SJAA auction is just around the corner. Do you have telescopes or unusual or pricey astro-gear to sell? If you do, it will sell better with some pre-auction publicity. Also, if you have more than 5 items (large or small), please send a list with a short description and minimum bid. This will avoid the crush at the registration table.

The auction and swap are fundraisers for the club loaner program, so please consider donating items to the auction. All commissions from the auction and the swap are tax-deductible, as SJAA is a 501(c)(3) educational organization.

Please email your lists of items, or your large items to auction central,, with a short description and a photo of it, or a link to your own web page. If you have a question about the suitability of an item you'd like to auction, you can send your questions to this address too, before the auction. As in past years, the SJAA reserves the right to refuse inappropriate items.


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