A. B. Gregory Award 1999

Ed Erbeck (left) receives the Dr. A.B. Gregory Award from SJAA President David North. The award is a plaque including the text "In recognition of Outstanding Contributions of Time and Effort to Others in Amateur Astronomy". It is presented once to an individual.

It was named after Dr. A. Boris Gregory, professor of French Literature, lifetime amateur astronomer, and president of SJAA 1973-4. His response to practically any question seemed to be, "Come over and let's see what we can do...." Bob Fingerhut began his talk at the September meeting (about eyepiece projection) with fond reminiscences of Dr. Gregory, who was instrumental in teaching Bob about astronomy and astrophotography. Ed joins these other inspirational members of the club who have received the award in honor of their contributions to the club in past years: 1980- Kevin Medlock, 1981-Denni Frerichs Medlock, 1982- Gerry Rattley, 1983 - Bob Fingerhut, 1984-Jim Van Nuland, 1985-Jack Zeiders, 1987- Don Machholz, 1989- Tom Ahl, 1991- Jack Peterson, Paul Barton (two awards), 1995-Bob Ashford, 1997-Bob Keller, 1998- Jay Reynolds Freeman.

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