SETI@Home with SJAA

Morris Jones

The SETI@Home project is underway and overwhelmed with participants. In its first month of public operation, over a half million participants have downloaded the software and logged data!

With such a huge and unexpected demand, naturally there have been some glitches. The server has been difficult to reach at times, and there hasn't been enough data from Arecibo to go around to everyone who wants some. This week we learned that all 500,000 of us have been crunching the same few data packets for the past few weeks!

New donations of server equipment from Sun are expected to help ease the demands of hungry ET searchers. Project investigators say that new data should be flowing soon from Arecibo as well.

Meanwhile the competition is fierce among SETI@Home participants to see who can crunch the most data. SETI@Home has enabled individual participants to register with groups of various sorts, such as clubs, schools, and companies. If you download and install the SETI@Home screen saver, you might enjoy joining the SJAA group and contributing your statistics to our club totals.

SETI@Home requires only a personal computer and a network connection. To participate in SETI@Home, visit their web page at To join the SJAA group, click on the "Groups" link, and search for a group named "SJAA."

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