Apollo 11 Commemoration Set

Bob Garfinkle

The 30th anniversary ceremony commemorating the splashdown of Apollo 11 will take place on the USS Hornet at the old NAS Alameda on Saturday July 24, 1999, sometime around 9:30 a.m.

Buzz Aldrin and Alan Bean (Apollo 12) are confirmed. Bean will display some of his Moon art. Mike Collins has another engagement and Neil Armstrong is still a question mark. (Armstrong does not like to do these kinds of events.) The other Apollo 12 astronauts have been invited, but are unconfirmed. Ed Nixon will represent his late brother, and the now retired Admiral who was the Captain of the Hornet when Apollo 11 was picked up will be there. Members of Chabot Observatory will be setting up solar telescopes and NASA is sending a large collection of Apollo items for a display that day.

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