Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

Morris Jones

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m. Present were Mark Taylor, Michael Koop, Akkana Peck, Bill Arnett, Jim Bartolini, Morris Jones, and Bill O'Shaughnessy. David North presiding. Jim Van Nuland absent and excused.

Motion approved unanimously to appoint Mark Taylor as treasurer.

Minutes of the previous board meeting were approved as published in the May Ephemeris.

The meeting times of board meetings were discussed. Five members were in favor of the existing meeting times, but discussion was productive. The next meeting was agreed to be as usual: 6:30 p.m. at Houge Park before the general meeting.

Email voting on nonfinancial matters was discussed. The following guidelines for email discussion were approved: Reports, of any kind, are okay. Discussion of previously budgeted activities are okay. Discussion of new financial matters must be deferred to announced meetings.

Dave North reported on the auction and swap meet. Moved to try "auction first" next year, with the following schedule: auction at 11 a.m., swap meet at 2 p.m, registration for the auction at 10 a.m. The motion was tabled in order to allow more feedback from the membership and participants. Akkana agreed to write something to request comment from the membership and key participants.

More business regarding Mark Taylor's treasurer duties and transfer of materials. Signature cards are being arranged and records need straightening out. Sanction was granted by the board for the transfer, and the necessary signatures were obtained on transfer documents.

Dave North would like to trade a Super Polaris mount with motor for the non-motorized one on the SJAA loaner solar scope. The switch was approved.

Following our successful Astronomy Day event at The Tech Museum, the board agrees to entertain future ventures with The Tech on an ad hoc basis.

Dave North reports that Accuprint may be able to improve the copy quality of "The Ephemeris" with some newly installed equipment that would not change our printing budget. Morris Jones agreed to investigate.

An officer duty list has been prepared. Mark Taylor has started the list. The board agreed to review and comment by email.

Morris Jones offered to create an email alias for the SJAA Board at

The board would like to have an official logo for the SJAA. Designs will be solicited from the membership and made available on the web page for consideration.

Moved to approve expenses to make some business cards and sign-up sheets for new members. Motion was approved.

Much discussion was held on the subject of promoting SJAA star parties at Henry Coe state park. It was moved and accepted that Jim Van Nuland, as keeper of the activities calendar, only list Henry Coe star parties for which he has arranged a committed host to be present.

Dave North announced to the board that as a gesture of inter-club cooperation, the Fremont Peak Observatory Association has approved a "checkin" location (The Observatory) for SJAA members at our star parties at Fremont Peak. SJAA membership information and materials will be provided at the observatory, and FPOA members conducting FPOA public observing events will be on the lookout for SJAA guests. This arrangement will work during the normal FPOA public astronomy season, but other arrangements will have to be made for the off season.

Discussion was held about the print quantity for issues of The Ephemeris. As a trial, it was moved and approved to print 350 copies of the next issue, and keep track of how the extra copies are used for future planning.

Some unofficial discussion was held about the pending construction and safety at Fremont Peak observing sites.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

/s/ Morris Jones reporting on behalf of the Secretary.

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