June 5, 1999, Oakland, California: Northern California Historical Astronomy Luncheon and Discussion Association, 49th meeting. 9:30 a.m.: refreshments and conversation. 10 a.m.: "Prehistory and History of Calculus", led by Alan R. Fisher, Chabot Observatory. Then lunch at a local restaurant. 2 PM: "Lunar Probes", led by Nancy Cox, San Francisco Amateur Astronomers. Meet at Chabot Observatory, 4917 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619. For NCHALADA information, contact Norman Sperling, Everything in the Universe, 185 John Street, Oakland, CA 94611. Phone & fax: +1 510-547-6523. eMail: Starting March 31:

NCHALADA is informal, with participants pointing out perspectives from many disciplines, sometimes wittily. There are no formal officers, by-laws or dues. Contributions are appreciated to offset refreshments and postage. People who bring munchies are very popular.

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