Minutes of the Meeting of the SJAA Board of Directors
1999 March 27

Bill Arnett

The meeting was called to order by President Ed Erbeck at about 6:38 pm at Houge Park. All directors were present except Jim Bartolini, who was excused.

Dave North was elected as our new President and Mike Koop as VP. With that the gavel was passed to Dave with a big round of thanks for Ed.

We still need a Treasurer! In the meanwhile, Dave North will consult Bob Elsberry as to proceed with the treasury.

It was agreed that Morris Jones would take the remainder of Terry Kahl's term.

As it seems to be completely moribund, the Observatory Committee was officially disbanded.

Morris Jones agreed to take over the coffeepot and slide projector.

There was much discussion of the upcoming Swap/Auction: First, both Jay and Kevin have agreed to be auctioneer. Kevin was asked first, but JVN also accepted Jay's offer, having missed the mention by Ed that Kevin would auction. After discussion, the feeling was that we should not have dueling auctioneers, nor sell the job as was done in 1998. JVN to write Jay.

Second, the general feeling is that noon is an okay starting time, but the Auction should be moved up, perhaps to 3 pm as that last hour is dead. But we can't do it this year as the publicity says 4 pm.

Finally, a suggestion was made that the Auction should be run first, then the swap meet later to sell the oddball stuff. JVN feels that the buyers would much rather have it the present way. But since we can't change the format this year anyway, the issue was tabled to be discussed at a later meeting. Members who have opinions on how future auctions should be run should communicate with the board members or come to a board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:44.

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