Minutes of the Meeting of the SJAA Board of Directors 1999 February 27

Bill Arnett

The meeting was called to order by President Ed Erbeck at about 6:45 p.m. at Houge Park. All directors were present (eventually).

It was decided that SJAA will use Ed Erbeck's PO box instead of purchasing one of our own. Thanks Ed!

The Park Service has allocated very bad dates for our Yosemite Star Party this year (nearly full Moon) and we will not be allowed to camp at the Bridalvail Campground necessitating a long drive to Wawona each night after observing. It looks like we may have to cancel entirely unless some members really express a desire to go anyway. Check with Jim Van Nuland if you have any thoughts on this.

At least one member was upset about our decision to remove Coe from the publicly announced star parties. He apparently thought we were canceling them altogether (we are in fact just not publicizing them so we don't have to worry if someone shows up and there's no one else there). JVN will write a note for the Ephemeris explaining the situation more clearly.

Bill Arnett, Dave North and Akkana Peck met with some folks from The Tech Museum in San Jose who want us to put on a show. Looks like there will be no problem with this. We will need some volunteers. We will try to do it on the May 22 and 23 to coincide with Astronomy Day. Anyone wanting to help out should contact Bill Arnett.

Dave suggested that we make some improvements to the solar scope. It badly needs a drive and some maintenance. We agreed in principle to buy the drive, which should be only about $100 if we can't scrounge one somewhere. Dave and Ed will do the work.

As his final act as a board member, Ed proposed that Jim Van Nuland be appointed Secretary for as long as he wants the job. This was unanimously agreed to.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50.

At the general meeting following the annual election for members of the board was held. This year we had six vacant seats, five whose terms expired and Terry Kahl's who is resigning. The Nominating Committee's six candidates were presented. No other nominations were made. The six were elected by unanimous consent.

The six newly elected board members are

Jim Van Nuland
Bill O'Shaughnessy
Dave North
Akkana Peck
Jim Bartolini
and Morris Jones.

The other three in the middle of their terms are

Bill Arnett
Mark Taylor
Mike Koop.

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