Telescopes at the Tech

Bill Arnett

SJAA will be putting on a telescope display and demonstration at TheTech Museum in San Jose <> on Saturday and Sunday May 22/23. We have several activities planned:

If all goes well, at the end of the day on Sunday we will reassemble the Dob with the newly polished (but still unaluminized) mirror and take a look at the Moon.

This will be all day for two days so we need some volunteers to man the display and answer questions. We also need a few scopes for display. TheTech has an LX200 (naturally :-) that we will use but it would be nice to have a couple of nice scopes of other designs. We'll also need a mirror kit and the various bits and pieces that go into making a small Dob. If you can help with your time or equipment, please contact Bill Arnett ( or 650-780-9645).

If you haven't been to TheTech, it is a very cool place. Well worth a visit, though it may take you a whole day to tear yourself away :-) Those helping with this event will get a free entry to the museum and if we have enough volunteers we'll all have time to wander around a little, too.

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