Astronomy! Space! The Future! Workshop

Astronomical Association of Northern California

The Morrison Planetarium and the Astronomical Association of Northern California present "Astronomy! Space! The Future!" A One-Day Workshop on Saturday March 27, 1999 in the May Treat Morrison Auditorium and Morrison Planetarium

Speakers will address topics including:

Dr. Alex Filippenko of UC Berkeley - What is the Future of the Universe? Is the Universal Expansion Accelerating? Will grand cosmological questions be resolved by new observations?

Dr. Alan Binder of the Lunar Research Institute and NASA AMES- Our Future On The Moon: Does the discovery of ice on the moon renew our vision of lunar observatories? The latest on the Lunar Prospector Mission.

Dr. Jeff Moore of NASA AMES- What is the future of Mars exploration and beyond? What might future missions to comets and asteroids reveal?

Dr. Debra Fischer of SFSU - The Quest for Earthlike Planets: When might we discover worlds like Earth?

Dr. Dan Werthimer of Project Serendip - "IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?" subtitle: "The Future of SETI: the 1 HT telescope, SETI@home, SERENDIP and Optical SETI" Should limited resources be directed toward the Space Station or used for Space Science? What are the goals and trends in amateur astronomy? What does the future hold for amateurs? How will we encourage young astronomers? Hear what a panel of prominent amateur astronomers have to say.

A full day of exciting science for the general public. Includes admission to the Academy and a Planetarium ticket.

For more information and pre-registration:
Morrison Planetarium Office: (415) 750-7127, 10-6 M-F
California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Ca

Registration fees are as follows:
Advance Registration: $20.00
10-18 years of age: $10.00
Registration at the door (all ages) $25.00.

More exciting speakers may join us, so for up to date information, please visit the AANC web site at

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