Lunar Occultation of Aldebaran Tonight

The Chronicle of a Net Community 26 Jan 1999

Bill Arnett
David North
Mark Wagner
Jane Houston
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Morris Jones

18:09:45 PST Bill Arnett
If the weather cooperates (or if you happen to get a hole at the right time), there will be an occultation of Aldebaran visible from the Bay Area this evening at about 11:30pm. The reappearance will be a little after 12:30am.

18:14:01 David North
I've got large holes here and there will be occultations of Hyades all evening. Right now there are four good ones marching on the dark limb... no need to wait!

19:09:18 Mark Wagner
7:00 p.m. in Los Gatos.
I'm half tempted to break out a scope, but those wobbly stars and bright moon don't look like such a good combination.

19:19:12 David North
Just registered my first one at 7:14 on the nose (mag 4.97 75 Tauri about 10 seconds or so off Starry Night's prediction, and that's just using my watch...)

21:52:42 Bill Arnett
I caught the occultation of SAO 93981; now waiting for 94004 (expected at about 10:30) before 94027 (aka Alpha Tauri :-) at 11:35.

22:40:30 Jane Houston
It is sooooooo clear here in central Marin! The moon is awesome tonight. Anyone up with a clearish sky shouldn't miss is. It's the stuff dreams are made of!

23:35:43 David North
Aldebaran Is Gone! 11:35:45 by my watch, dead bang. No lingering at all. It just went off like a light. No problem seeing the red tint on that sucker!

23:45:00 Jane Houston
Aldebaran occultation has begun! It's 11:24:50 exactly! Gorgeous!! More on the other side. Now I'm gonna enjoy the moon for a while! 11:34:50 I meant! Just call me a lunatic!

23:45:23 Bill Arnett

23:57:25 Jay Freeman
Aldebaran disappeared more or less on schedule, and the Moon looked more or less like a pile of rocks, which is more or less what it usually looks like... -- Jay Freeman, Deep Sky Weasel

00:25:32 Jane Houston
It's nice to know that some of you are sharing the sky with me!

00:46:03 Morris Jones
At least I got to see Aldebaran reappear. Luckily Jane left behind her short-tube 80, and I found a camera tripod ...

00:48:03 Jane Houston
12:37 to the second. There it reappeared. Now everybody (is anybody out there??) please go and look at Sinus Iridum! Be-you-tee-full

00:50:33 Bill Arnett
:-) Why is something so simple so cool?

A strange way to share an evening but what the heck, it works doesn't it!

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