December Board Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Ed Erbeck at 6:45 pm December 4 at Houge Park. All directors were present (eventually).

Jim had sent the calendar earlier by email; it was approved.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

The AANC forgot to bill us for our dues this year. So we're paying them $40 for this year and next.

Bill Arnett brought up the issue of an official presence at Fremont Peak again. We had yet another incident where someone read our newsletter, when to the Peak, but was unable to find anyone from SJAA. Lots of ideas were kicked around but we couldn't come up with anything better than simply changing the WWW page and other notices to make it more clear that the events are "no host".

Nevertheless, we should all try to keep our eyes peeled for visitors who might be looking for us.

Bill Arnett reported that the Nominating Committee now has six candidates for the six board seats to be vacated in January. They are:

It looks like another uncontested election.

The other three directors are in the middle of their two year terms: Bill Arnett, Mark Taylor, and Mike Koop

The board unanimously approved $400 to Bob Brauer to cover Ephemeris mailing costs.

Bob Elsberry has decided not to continue as Treasurer. He has done a fine job over the last few years and we thank him for all his effort. We desperately need a replacement!

Bob graciously agreed to continue until a replacement is found and to help in the transition but we need to do it as quickly as possible.

If you are interested please contact any of the board members.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

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