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Thank you San Jose City Council and Councilmember Donald Rocha


We hope that everyone recognizes that one of the greatest things the SJAA does is conduct star parties at area schools. Jim Van Nuland does a terrific job at setting up and running these events. Jim and the other volunteers only get paid in “Oh Wows” that we get from the students, teachers and parents. In fact, you might think this is something the club can afford to do for free. Not quite. It is critical that the SJAA have insurance that covers the School Star Party program. This insurance is not as cheap as you would think it should be for a non-profit. That is why a recent $500 grant from the City of San Jose is so appreciated. A special thanks goes to District 9 Councilmember Donald Rocha for his efforts in getting this grant for the SJAA. As Mark Wagner says "The support of the City is a wonderful thing to have, and makes it easier for us to bring astronomy to the City schools."


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