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Fixit Program

Ed Wong

The SJAA Fixit program at work on August 5. Photo courtesy of Ed Wong.


The SJAA Fixit program provides service to club members and attendees by providing telescope repair, tune up and help in setting up telescope to use. We meet on the first Sunday 2pm-4pm of the month at the hall at Houge Park in conjunction with the SJAA Solar Observing program. This month we had a great turn out of folks who came to help and also those who brought scopes that need help. We worked on collimation of several scopes, provided instructions to several people who needed help understanding how to get the GOTO function of their scopes setup and working. We also helped some folks assemble a new scope they had just bought and also completed repairs to some of the scopes in the advanced scope loaner program. If you need help with some equipment, or you don’t understand how to use it or it needs repair let us know and we will do our best to help you. Please let us know what you are bringing and we will try to get the right people set up to help you. There is a link from the main SJAA website under the “Fix it Day” section to assist you in doing this.


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