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Upcoming Events


There are many astronomical events coming up this year.

Annular Solar Eclipse - There is an eclipse on Sunday May 20. Don’t be confused by those who say May 21. They are going by Universal Time. In San Jose the moon will cover 83% of the sun. For an animation of what you will see from San Jose, go to

Venus Transit - You may recall that a transit of Venus occurred 8 years ago but it was not visible from San Jose. This transit is visible from here and it won’t be visible anywhere on the planet again for 112 years. It will occur on June 5. Don’t be confused by those who say it happens on June 6. That’s also using Universal Time. Do not look at the sun during either of these events without proper eye protection.

SETIcon II - Two years ago, the SETI Institute held their first conference dedicated to all things SETI. This year, SETIcon II will be held the weekend of June 22-24. For more information see their website at


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