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Letters to the Editor


We don’t get many letters crossing the editors desk here at the Ephemeris but this one from the folks who bring us the Space Place articles was nice.

With nearly 4 million visits per year, we knew The Space Place web site was popular. But we had a different kind of evidence for our impact the week of Oct. 2, when the TV game show Jeopardy featured “Kids’ Week.” All the contestants were very bright, well–informed, elementary–school age kids. And the questions were written just for them. To our surprise and delight, one of the questions (in the form of an answer, of course) was:

“The popular web sites Space Place and StarChild are sponsored by this organization.”

The buzzer sounded immediately, as the child with the fastest reflexes got the chance to answer.

“What is NASA?”

Right on!

You, our partners, have done a great deal to make The Space Place so well known. By your dedication to the education and motivation of our youth, and your support and promotion of resources such as The Space Place, you have helped us to spread our messages about the importance and excitement of space and Earth science, technology, and discovery.

We are glad for our partnership with you and anticipate a long–continuing, mutually beneficial relationship.

All the best,

Nancy Leon and The Space Place Team


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