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Announcing CalStar 2006

Rob Hawley


SJAA will hold its annual Star Party at Lake San Antonio the nights of September 21 through 23 (Thursday through Sunday morning). For full details see our website at

We have completely redone the CalStar Web Site this year. New features include a picture tour of the site and an enlarged area for more Casual viewing and camping.

SJAA wants to reemphasize that it closes the roads around the viewing inner areas at night to protect everyone’s night viewing. Review the road closure policy BEFORE setting up in the closed areas. SJAA also asks everyone to try not to drive after 6PM when the optics are likely to be open.

We will also be working with the park staff to use the entire area where CalStar is held. This will better allow us to accommodate families and those that wish to not spend the night.

Once again SJAA offers hot meals for purchase on Friday and Saturday nights. After receiving many requests last year the Friday night meal will be a simpler and less expensive meal. Saturday night we will offer our traditional Tri-tip, chicken, and or vegetarian meals as we have in the past.

This year meals will all be prepaid. See the details on the web site. I will be selling a very limited number of tickets for walk in meals. These must be prepurchased by 5 PM. No money will be collected during the meal this year.

Registration will begin August 20.


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