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Dobson Workshop at Jan/Feb Astronomy Class

Rob Hawley


In November many members asked questions on how best to use their Dobsonian / Newtonian Telescopes. I compiled the questions I received and will use the January and February Beginning Astronomy Classes to answer them. Both are at 7:30 PM at Houge Park. The current agenda for the two nights is:
January 20 - Set up Issues
All about Collimation
    Hands on Practice
Maintaining your Scope
    Cleaning the Optics
Dealing with Dew
February 17 - Using your scope
Filters and how to best use them
Star Charts - Paper and PC
Planning your Evening
    Where to go
    Object Catalogues
    Recommendation lists
How to Find Stuff
Keeping Records
If there are additional topics let me know at In particular it would make sense to add a section on quick polar alignment if anyone is using a Newtonian mounted on an Equatorial mount.
There is little in the February session that will be specific to Dobsonians so if you have a different type of manual scope this may be interesting to you.

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