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Board meeting synopsis

Bubble bubble toil and trouble? Nah, it's comet making at 2002 FPOA Star-B-Cue. Photo by Paul Kohlmiller.


From the SJAA board of directors June 14 meeting:

1) The club will host a lunar eclipse star party the night of the November 8 general meeting.

2) The club plans to sponsor Mars star parties at Coyote Lake Park late August or early September.

3) The SJAA's 50th anniversary program is to scan and place on the Internet all issues of the SJAA Ephemeris. The board is looking for volunteers.

4) Jim Bartolini is the new CalStar Czar.

5) Jack Zeiders was voted a life membership to the SJAA.

SJAA board of directors meetings are at 6:30 p.m. prior to the club's general meetings.


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