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Calstar scores big with California astronomers

Mark Wagner

The hearty Calstar crowd of intrepid observers gathered for a group photo.

Preparation is the key to an all-night observing session. Photo of Calstar organizer Mark Wagner by Randy Muller.


Thanks to Mike Koop for his support and enthusiasm again this year helping organize Calstar. And thanks to the SJAA board for making the catered dinner possible. The entire event went off without a hitch and was enjoyed by all. The SJAA continues to differentiate itself from other clubs in the most positive of ways, by offering a unique program like Calstar. Amateur astronomers from north bay to Chico to Sacramento, south bay, Monterey, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, Santa Barbara, LA, Orange County and San Diego attended. Nice going SJAA!

Next year I would like to look into: A) A repeat of the catered dinner for Saturday. B) Possibly having In-And-Out Burger cater on Friday for dinner. C) A big pot-luck on Thursday for dinner. D) Extending the event through Sunday night (several requests for this) E) Finding a way to offer espresso during the night. F) Daytime events — I like the winery tour idea.

I also have some good information from Robert Shelton (Lassen attendee over many years) he brought back from the Mt. Bachelor Star Party showing several daytime events that might work at Calstar.

And on a personal note, Mike ... next time you can drive to place the signs on the road ;-)


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