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AANC Awards for 2002

Jim Van Nuland accepts his AANC Award from AANC President and fellow awardee Jane Houston Jones.


The AANC recognizes oustanding and continuous support in distinguishing and fostering amateur astronomy by presenting four awards each year. These are the Amateur, Professional, Commercial and Special awards. Any AANC member club may nominate a group, individual or business for one of the awards. This year three SJAA members received awards.

Jim Van Nuland was awarded the Special award. Jim is the voice on the SJAA message board and the monthly in-town Houge Park star parties. He's the secretary of the club, and organizes the school star party program. The SJAA conducts 10 or more school star parties a month during peak star party time. You can always tell when there has been a school star party, because the SJAA receives so many "thank you" notes addressed to Mr. Van Nuland and "the other astronomers," the group of dedicated SJAA members who help out at these important events.

Jane Houston Jones was awarded the John Hewitt Memorial Award for Amateur Astronomy, named for long time AANC VP and Lawrence Hall of Science staffer who died in 1999. The professional award went to ASP's Mercury magazine editor Bob Naeye, who is also a new SJAA member. And Bob Fies, Aluminum Coating, was awarded the commercial award this year.

A full list of the awardees, going back to 1976 when the first awards were given are here:


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