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FPOA Star-B-Que August 10


The FPOA Star-B-Que on August 10 is a fun event for the whole family! The barbeque and potluck begins around 5:00 p.m. behind the ranger's house (near the observatory), with games and door prizes to follow. Please bring a dessert or salad or your favorite dish you would like to share. We will provide hamburgers and fixings, soft drinks and utensils.

After that, Alex Filippenko, Professor of Astronomy at U. C. Berkeley will present his talk entitled: Einstein's Biggest Blunder? The Case for Cosmic "Antigravity."

The Star-B-Que is a great way to meet other amateur astronomers and talk to members of other astronomy clubs. Activities for kids include "Invent an asterism" and "Make your own comet" (with dry ice), with cool "constellation" prizes for the best or most interesting of both.

For more information visit the FPOA website: RSVP before August 10 by calling (831) 623-2465 or email starbq at


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