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Starry Starry Nights in the Foothills

Don Machholz


An ambitious and impressive series of star parties will be held in the foothills area of Northern California during Labor Day Week. The public is invited. Astronomers are invited to join in to share the heavens through their telescopes.

It is called Starry Starry Nights (Seven Nites from Seven Sites) and will be held from Wednesday August 28 through Tuesday September 3. We will be at a different dark-sky site each night. We'll be highlighting the wonders of the Milky Way. The Colfax Greater Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring it and handling the publicity and logistics. I am responsible for finding the sites and organizing the astronomy end of it.

We begin at the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and through the week we'll appear in the Foresthill area, Colfax, Big Bend, Dutch Flat and Soda Springs. These are dark areas and we'll highlight the Milky Way.

Astronomers who are willing to participate by showing the heavenly sights through their telescopes are asked to contact me in advance. Those coming through the Colfax area during that week are invited to an informal open house at my home and observatory.


Starry Starry Night Page:

Colfax Greater Area Chamber of Commerce:

Don Machholz (530) 346-8963


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