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Partial Eclipse at Houge Park

Bob Havner


Quite a crowd gathered at Houge Park for the June 10 partial solar eclipse. Photo by Alex Crichton.

Above: A family studies the solar projection from the long focus heliograph provided by Dwight Elvey and Chris Angelos. Below is the objective part of the heliograph, set up 115 feet away from the projection screen. Photos by Alex Crichton.

  The June 10th eclipse at Houge Park was a huge success. The telescopes on telescope row were packed together as tight as possible. I don't know if there was an exact count but I would guess at least 30 scopes were set up throughout the park. I want to thank everyone who brought out their equipment and a special thanks to Juanita Ryan and her 5th grade class who brought a ton of food and drinks to share with the observers.

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