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SJAA Auction XXII Results

Gary Mitchell

We did pretty well this year at the SJAA auction. There were 42 bidders. Commission on auction totalled $952.41, and includes $1 bidder fee & donations. Commission on swap totalled $286.60. Profit on sodas was $8.40. Sodas cost $21.60 (we sold 30 cans at $1 each). The grand total net for the auction was $1,247.41.
Photos from the 2002 Auction — Top right: SJAA members examining the bootie. Top left: "Looks like it'll make a good finder scope!" Middle right: Auctioneer Kevin Medlock explains how a photo enlarger works. Bottom: Eager bidders anxiously await the next item. Photos by David North and Akkana Peck.

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