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Auction XXII

Mike Koop


It's spring and time for the annual migration of astronomical paraphernalia from one garage to another! On Sunday, April 28, 2002, an astronomical auction and swap meet will be conducted at Houge Park in San Jose sponsored by the San Jose Astronomical Association. For a second year, we will have the auction first followed by a swap to allow people some additional haggling time for those items which were optimistically priced by the seller in the auction or to sell those odds and ends items which were better off being in a swap. It's an even year, so Kevin Medlock will be our auctioneer. Those who have observed Kevin's performance in previous auctions have learned to appreciate his merciless evaluation of classical astronomical items on the spot. Great entertainment for all!

Doors open at 12:00 p.m. (or only slightly before) to register material for the auction, and view the auction material. The club reserves the right to accept only appropriate material for the auction so that the auction will run smoothly. A $1 donation is required to obtain an auction bidder/seller number. The auction will begin at 1 p.m., and will run as long as needed. Seller may specify a minimum bid, which if not met, will return the item back to the seller with no commission applied. After the auction, buyers and sellers settle up using one check to (or from) SJAA and claim their items. Seller pays 10% commission, with a cap of $50 for any one item. We do not handle charge cards.

After the auction, material for the swap meet will be allowed into the hall, about 3 p.m. or perhaps earlier. Each buyer pays the seller. Sellers are to keep track of their sales, and pay a 10% commission, as for the auction. There are no table fees. All commissions from the auction and the swap are tax-deductible, as SJAA is a 501(c)(3) educational organization.

Do you have a large item to sell such as a telescope? Please email Bill Arnett at with a description and a photo of the item or a link to your own website for some pre-auction publicity. We suggest pre-registering as much as possible to avoid a crush at the registration table.

Directions: From Hwy. 17, take the Camden Avenue exit. Go east 0.4 miles, and turn right at the light, onto Bascom Avenue. At the next light, turn left onto Woodard Road. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Twilight Drive. Go three blocks, cross Sunrise Drive, then turn left into the park.

From Hwy. 85, take the Bascom Avenue exit. Go north about 0.2 miles, and turn right at the first traffic light, onto White Oaks Road. At the first stop sign (another 0.2), turn left onto Twilight Drive. You will now be passing the park. Turn right at the first driveway, into the parking lot.

For more about SJAA, questions on the auction, or to view preregistered auction items, visit our web site at or email


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