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Upcoming School Star Parties

Jim Van Nuland


Coordinated by Jim Van Nuland. See his current list and information at

12 Meadows Elementary, San Jose
14 Santa Rita School, Los Altos
15 Sunnyhills Park, Milpitas
18 Toyon Elementary, NE. San Jose
19 Laurelwood Elementary, NE San Jose
20 West Valley Elementary, Sunnyvale
21 Silver Oak, far E. San Jose
22 Brownie scouts at Houge Park - 14 plus family
25 Alternate date, Toyon
27 Pomeroy School, W. Santa Clara
28 Baldwin Elementary, SE San Jose

19 Houge Park, small group of Scouts
23 Bachrodt School, mid-San Jose
25 Holy Spirit School, Almaden area


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