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A. B. Gregory

Jim Van Nuland


Dr. Boris Gregory was a professor of French Literature at San Jose State College. He had a lifetime interest in astronomy, and for retirement, was given or bought one of the earliest C-8 telescopes.

After retirement, he taught an introductory astronomy class, part of the Adult Education series. It was in one of these sessions that Bob Fingerhut and other SJAA members met him. He joined SJAA, as did Bob, but I don't know the exact sequence of classes and joining.

Dr. Gregory was president of SJAA for one term, 1973-1974. He was on the Board from antiquity until his death in March 1979, and was especially adept at welcoming newcomers, including myself. With years of experience, he was asked for advice and help, and his answer was typically "Come over and we'll work on it." At board meetings, he was very often the first to say "I'll look into that".

After his death, SJAA members Bob Fingerhut and Norm Neinchel invented the A.B. Gregory award, to be given "In recognition of outstanding contributions of time and effort to others in amateur astronomy." It is given to an individual only once. Bob and Norm provided the initial funds, and there was a nomination and a donation (in that order) from Mrs. Gregory a few years later.

Outstanding examples of recipients are Jack Zeiders, who conceived the astronomy class and did all the teaching for the first several years. Paul Barton, who has worked on dozens of people's scopes at his shop, and especially, took the forgotten, decrepit SJAA club telescopes and made the loaner program into an important part of the club. Bob Ashford, who for several years was teaching an astronomy class at an East Palo Alto school and anywhere else he could find.


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