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2001 Fall Swap Meet

Jim Van Nuland

On Sunday, November 4, 2001, SJAA will host an astronomical Swap Meet at Houge (city) Park in San Jose.

This is a new event, a follow-on to the Spring Auction that has been run for some years. There is no action, just the swap sale. Joe Sunseri of Earth and Sky Adventures is expected to be there with many fine new and used items.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. (or only slightly before) to set up tables and bring in material for sale. Selling will begin at noon, and will run as long as needed. Each buyer pays the seller. Sellers are to keep track of their sales. Sellers pay 10% commission, with a cap of $50 for any one item. There are no table fees.

For directions to Houge Park in Campbell, visit the SJAA web site:

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