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Free Lecture October 10th at Foothill College

Andrew Fraknoi

On Wednesday evening, October 10th, at 7 pm, Dr. Chris Chyba of the SETI Institute and Stanford will give an illustrated talk on "Life in the Universe: Is It Just Around the Corner?" It will be the opening talk in this year's Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series, at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills.

Admission is free and the public is invited. Call the series hot-line at 650-949-7888 for more information. The series is co-sponsored by NASA's Ames Research Center, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the SETI Institute, and Foothill's Division of Physical Science, Mathematics, and Engineering.

Dr. Chyba will discuss what scientists today mean by life, what familiar and unfamiliar forms of life might be out there, and just where and how we propose to look for life beyond the Earth. NASA has recently inaugurated a national program in "astrobiology" (with its headquarters at the Ames Research Center), to learn more about the origin of life on Earth and how common it might be among the planets and the stars. Dr. Chyba has been a leader in this field, and recently headed the NASA committee to define what sort of probe we might send to Jupiter's mysterious moon Europa (which may harbor an underground ocean).

Chris Chyba holds the Carl Sagan Chair for the Study of Life in the Universe at the SETI Institute in Mountain View. He also serves as an Associate Professor at Stanford, where he is Co-Director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation. He was on the national security staff of the White House from 1993-1995, working on issues related to science and technology. Both his research and teaching focus on the scientific search for life beyond our little planet.

The program will be held at the Foothill College Smithwick Theater in Los Altos Hills. From Interstate 280, exit at El Monte Road and travel west to the campus.

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