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2002 Pocket Calendar Fund Raiser

Mark Taylor

The SJAA is selling "Astronomical Pocket Diaries" for the 2002 calendar year. For those of you not already familiar with this handy item the APD is an astronomically-themed, week-at-a-glance format pocket calendar. But it goes way beyond a regular calendar. It has weekly sunrise/sunset horizon maps, a weekly orrery, weekly planet ephemerides, daily lunar data, daily astro events such as occultations and oppositions, an extensive calendar of world events and trivia, and all of SJAA's 2002 dates pre-filled for your planning convenience.

The SJAA sells these pocket sized calendar / reference books for $10 each as a fund raising event that benefits our loaner equipment fund. This allows us to maintain, upgrade, and occasionally increase our holdings.

We hope to have the APDs available for sale starting with the October 6 General Meeting, but since they are coming from overseas their initial availability date is somewhat uncertain. Please plan to pick yours up at any Houge Park event from October onward until they are gone.

Visit for more information about the SJAA Astronomical Pocket Diary.

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