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December Holiday Party

Mark Taylor

The club's December general meeting will again be held as a holiday party and social occasion. The last two years each included tasty contributions to our "potluck" table, interesting "show and tell" items, a fun-filled gift lottery, and lots of great conversation.

If you would like to display a piece of unique astro equipment, an astro photo, a new astro software package, or other such item of interest please bring it along.

Contributions of food or drink are appreciated but not necessary. No alcohol, please.

Each person who would like to participate in the gift lottery should anonymously wrap (no name tag) an astronomically-themed item of small value and/or large humor and bring it along. It can be a used item that you no longer have a use for, an inexpensive new item, and can be either a useful or funny "gag" gift. We'll do the exchange as a "draw or steal" lottery, which is always great fun.

Please join us on December 1st at 8 p.m. for our holiday social.

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