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Tidbits from Here and There

Elinor Gates is a staff astronomer at Lick Observatory. Elinor spoke at the August 4 general meeting at Houge Park on the history of Lick Observatory and its benefactor James Lick. She also offered fascinating news about the pioneering work being done at Lick with adaptive optics and powerful laser guide stars.

Tapes from "Around The Galaxy"

Tom Zeglin

I have tapes from the TV series "Around The Galaxy" available. There are 8 different tapes, covering the 37 episodes. Tapes are now available for checkout at the monthy general meeting and will be due the next meeting. Three people have checked out tapes so far. I believe the tapes will be a great resource for people of any experience, and will be a real kick-start for anyone starting out. E-mail me at for a list of subjects.


After publishing Ernie Piini's eclipse article last month, we learned that Shiloh Unruh is not in fact a Ph.D. astronomer, and was never a member of the astronomy research staff at Lick Observatory.

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