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Homecoming - July 2001

Jim Van Nuland

After 19 month's absence from Henry Coe State Park, I at last returned to one of my favorite places. I found my way with no trouble, but found the blowing dust somewhat more troubling - worse than I remembered. But the wind dropped around dark, and we had a pleasantly cool night.

I set out to re-acquaint myself with many of my astronomical friends. But first, passing through was a cute slender moon all dolled up in earthshine, and Comet C/2001a2 (Linear). There was no tail, so I suppose that in this case, the word linear means circular.

The Scorpius - Teapottus region is my favorite part of town, and I found many of my friends still there, patiently waiting for me. I prowled around in the M24 neighborhood for a while, introduced a few other observers to shy little 6603, and then went on to less-bashful buddies such as Uranus, Neptune, M22, M11, M8, M20, the Cluster twins on Perseus Place, and the elegant 7789.

Seeing was excellent, air very dry, and city lights not intrusive, hidden as I was behind my van. With many people at Lassen and other club members headed for Fremont Peak, I was surprised to find at least 15 people up there to enjoy a superb night.

Who says you can't go home again?

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