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Around The Galaxy

Tom Zeglin

There is an excellent 37-part series which has been running on the Discovery/Science Channel (AT&T 272) called Around The Galaxy. I learned, not only what I was looking at, but why. The series is produced for The Learning Channel by the BBC, Terence Murtaugh, and others. Episodes are mostly one hour in length, and cover everything from creation, to black holes, to man on Mars in 2050. The series features interviews with the top scientists in the world, including Steven Hawking, the Shoemakers, and Murtaugh, and have great computer animation and narration as well. Bart Simpson even helps out on black holes. Recent episodes had discussions by Seth Shostak of SETI (who spoke recently at the SJAA). There is so much information in certain segments, such as the one on black holes, that they are worth watching twice.

For the benefit of those members who missed them, I am taping the series, and will continue to do so as they add new ones. I have taped thirty-two so far, and five more new ones are listed for the balance of July. The tapes could be made available for checkout at the meetings if someone would take that responsibility. I am also taping the repeats that are sprinkled in, so that there will be copies for multiple people to check out.

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