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The Davis Star Show

Larry Snyder

Friday, August 24, 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday, August 25, 9 a.m. - midnight
Veterans Memorial Center,
203 E 14th Street,
Davis, California

The Davis Star Show, a festival of astronomy and related sciences, is a public outreach celebration of our universe. We will have speakers talking about exciting new discoveries in astronomy, a trade show featuring instruments and accessories appealing to a wide range of amateurs, an exhibit hall with displays and activities for all ages, daytime viewing of sunspots, flares, and other solar activity, a planetarium for the kids, astronomy club booths and demonstrations, public teacher curriculum training classes, workshops, and a public star party at night. The festival will be free to all who wish to attend.

The event will fill the Veterans' Memorial Center in the Davis Community Park, with speakers in the main Theater and the adjoining Club Room, the trade show in the large Multi-purpose Room, mixed in with exhibits by clubs and participating organizations which will spill out into the courtyard, and with the star party filling the area between the open soccer fields behind the complex.

Speakers we've been fortunate to confirm so far include Don Yeomans of JPL, Kelly Beatty, executive editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine, Alex Filippenko of UC Berkeley, Tony Hallas of Hallas Digital Services, Mary Urquhart of NASA Ames, Robert Naeye, editor ASP Mercury journal, and Derek Buzasi, USAF Academy.

We would be very grateful for the help of anyone who can bring a telescope to the star party the night of the 25th. Based on last year's showing, we can expect about 3000 people to come out hoping to get a glimpse of the moon, Mars, and few of the brighter deep space objects. We'll need 80 telescopes or more on the field handled by people who love to hear the appreciative reactions of those new to the wonders of the night sky. If you would like to help us with the star party, please contact Lynda Hall at or (916) 721-4495. As a way to thank you for your participation, we are planning a few activities at the show specifically for the experienced amateur.

For all other questions email Larry Snyder at, visit, or phone (916) 782-7111, option 8. For information about lodging, you may phone our host hotel, the Hallmark Inn, at 1-800-753-0035.

Organizations wishing to reserve exhibit space at the Davis Star Show should contact Chuck Pullen at, (916) 687-7993. There is no vendor fee for non-profit groups, but space will be allocated after the commercial vendors on a first come, first served basis.

The Davis Star Show represents a collaboration by many different groups, including Explorit Science Center, the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society, UC Davis Astronomy Club, Davis High School Astronomy Club, Sacramento Sidewalk Astronomers, the American Association of Variable Star Observers, the Astronomical Association of Northern California, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Stellarvue, and Nightwatch Observatory, with the cooperation of the Davis Parks and Community Services department. Our major sponsors are Sky and Telescope Magazine and Agilent Technologies.

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