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AANC Conference Scrapbook

105 attendees from 27 of the AANC groups, including 13 club presidents and founders, and 8 newsletter editors, attended this year's AANC conference at Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland on April 7th. 11 members of the SJAA trekked up to join in the fun, and Mike Koop gave a great presentation about the SJAA.

Photos below, left to right: (1) Jane Houston Jones introduces Chabot Space & Science Center Executive Director Mike Reynolds to kick off the conference in the Ask Jeeves Planetarium. (2) SJAA VP Bob Havner shares a beverage with San Francisco Amateur Astronomers president Al Stern. (3) John Dobson visits with Robert Garfinkle. (4) SJAA Pres. Mike Koop. (5) Robert Garfinkle awards an autographed copy of his book Star-Hopping to marathon winner Liede-Marie Haitsma of Mt. Diablo Astro. Society.

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