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Auction XXI

Jim Van Nuland

The SJAA/Bay-area Auction was a great success! With the auction run first, there was much more material than in years past, and it took longer - about 3 hours. The results were worth the work, however, as the net income was $993.35 - better than most years.

The swap meet was sharply different! One of our biggest sellers was absent, and with much already sold, the swap was almost non-existent! There was another $41.15, and, with the dollars from bidder numbers and some donations, the overall total is $1054.35.

Jay Reynolds Freeman conducted the auction in his uninimitable style; a big thank-you to Jay.

We must also thank Scope City for the filters, books, and charts that were donated; they brought in $192. Thank You, Scope City!

Photos from the 2001 SJAA Auction. (Above) Jay Reynolds Freeman takes bids from a room full of eager buyers. Photo by Mike Koop. (Below) Winning bidders line up to part with their cash. Photo by Akkana Peck.

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