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New Board of Directors and Officers

Jim Van Nuland

At the general meeting on February 10, the Board of Directors was elected, to serve 2-year terms. Four members are elected in even-numbered years; and 5 in odd-numbered years. Elected were:

Those having a year to go are:

Leaving the Board are Akkana Peck and Dave North. We thank them for their efforts on behalf of SJAA. Paul is not entirely new to the Board, having served from 1983-93, and probably also prior to my records. At the Board meeting on March 10, the newly-constituted Board elected its officers for one-year terms. They are:

A big Thank You to Mike, Gary, and Bob for picking up these important jobs. And thank you too, to Dave North and Mark Taylor for having done them 'til now. Dave will continue maintaining the membership roster and assisting in mailing of the Ephemeris. Thanks, Dave! [And thank you Jim! -Ed]

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