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You've Got Mail

Morris Jones

To some people, "too much of a good thing" is just enough. To others, a little moderation is called for.

In search of the perfect email list, SJAA is now offering two to choose from (really three), and new tools for managing your list options. The old list is now All of the existing subscriptions have been moved to that list. The new list is moderated to prevent spam and off-topic postings. The traffic on this list should be low - its charter is for timely announcements relating to SJAA business. We recommend that all SJAA members be members of this email list!

Now just for fun, we've added the sjaa-chat list, Its charter is more wide-ranging and unmoderated. The chat list is intended for more social discussion related to SJAA activities. Joining the sjaa-chat list is not automatic - you can join by following links from our web page at, or go to this URL:

There's one more list that you might want to know about. The SJAA board of directors is currently making great use of email to discuss business and aid in setting the agenda and programs for the club. Interested SJAA members are welcome to join the list and collect the board's chatter, or just review the discussions on the list archive. To join, go here:, and to browse the archive, try But be warned, the discussion can get pretty voluminous ("and boring," says an anonymous board member).

We hope these options will help everyone find exactly the right email service to enhance your SJAA membership experience.

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