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Fun Club Stuff To Do

Dave North

I would really like to put members who think a club project would be fun in contact with others who think the same way, and supply club resources to make all sorts of things happen.

Right now, there are plenty of ways anyone could help out with SJAA tasks, should the desire be there.

We are currently understaffed in:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Postal list maintenance
  3. Event research and coordination (speakers, etc)
  4. Mirror making
  5. Telescope making
  6. Club loaner scope maintenance and rebulding
  7. Special event coordination
  8. Some aspects of Ephemeris mailing/production
  9. Other good ideas.

I suspect quite a number of folks out there might like to become a bit more involved in the club, but it sometimes seems a little hard to figure out how...?

It's easy.

Just email me ( or any other board member with your idea, or let us know what you want to do. Or talk to any board member at a meeting, or give a phone call (the last is the least reliable method).

There are no strict procedural rules for anything in SJAA, unless it's a board matter (spending money, basically - and even those matters need not trouble anyone who is not on the board. We have to deal with it; you don't).

That means if you want to take on a piece of anything listed above, or have your own idea for how to do something neat in the club setting, start making some noise.

I think you'll find we're more than happy for the help.

Just one personal note: I'm not trying to "hustle" anyone into a job. Mostly, I've found folks who think something might be fun stick with things longer, and get more out of them.

Don't volunteer because you think you "should" - but absolutely get cracking if you want to do something.

That will work best for everyone!

Mail to: Dave North
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