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SJAA Sundries

Sky & Telescope Subscriptions

Mark Taylor, SJAA Treasurer

Q: How do I subscribe to Sky & Telescope Magazine along with my SJAA membership?

A: When you renew your SJAA membership, use the membership form found on the back of any copy of the SJAA Ephemeris. Attach your check payable to the San Jose Astronomical Association for $45 ($15 for membership, $30 for one year of Sky & Telescope). Multiple year subscriptions are not available. Mail the completed form to the official SJAA address on the back of this Ephemeris. Forms are also available online at

Yosemite Star Party

Jim Van Nuland

There is room for more participants in the SJAA Yosemite star party on July 22-23. The 70% moon is badly placed, rising about 11 pm, but Yosemite is beautiful in any case. If you'd like to participate, contact Jim Van Nuland by phone or e-mail at with the number of people and a snail mail address.

You may read some practical notes on Jim's web site and page down to "Yosemite". This also has the Sun and Moon rise and set times.

To those already signed up: Jim will be mailing the gate passes in late June or early July. If you will be traveling and need the papers sooner, contact him.

For Sale

For Sale Sky Designs 20" f4 Dobsonian. The mirrors have been recently aluminized. Comes with Orion Sky Wizard II, Tuthill 70mm finder, and ladder. $3000.00 or best offer. Paul Mancuso,

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