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Pinnacles Starry Night Programs

Chad Moore

Pinnacles National Monument will present a series starry night astronomy programs on the east side of the park this spring. Pinnacles National Monument is fortunate to have relatively pristine night skies away from city lights, and offers great views of the stars and planets.

Our programs will be held Friday evenings, May 5th at 7:30 p.m. and June 2nd at 9:00 p.m. The program will last until dawn. Amateur astronomers with their own telescopes are invited to attend.

Autos arriving at the east entrance (accessed via Hwy 25) will be directed to an area suitable for nighttime viewing. There is no access from the West side. Nighttime temperatures at Pinnacles can be cold, so dress very warm. Overcast weather at the park cancels; please call ahead for last minute information.

Pinnacles National Monument was established in 1908. The 24,000 acre unit of the National Park Service features tall rock spires, unique geology of an ancient volcano, miles of hiking trails, rugged wilderness, abundant wildlife, and native chaparral vegetation. Spring is a popular time for visitors to come to the park, and many public programs are featured throughout the season. In addition to the Starry Night programs, Pinnacles sponsors a variety of nature hikes, wildflower walks, evening bat talks, and full moon hikes. Visitors are reminded that Pinnacles National Monument is designated as a fee collection site and operates as a day use park. Night programs are subject to special conditions and operating hours. For further information call the park at (831) 389-4485 or consult the park website at

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