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Shallow Sky

Uranus Jokes Banned

Akkana Peck

April is a slow time for planet watchers.

Jupiter, at magnitude -3, is in Aries, low in the western sky at sunset. I don't predict any good double shadow transits this month, but it's always fun to get a look at the giant and watch the galilean ballet. Saturn, fainter at magnitude .36, follows Jupiter by about twenty minutes.

Uranus is magnitude 5.84, right next to the 4th magnitude star theta Capricorni. It rises in late evening and is observable the rest of the night. Eighth magnitude Neptune is nearby, rising about half an hour earlier. Pluto is too close to the sun for this tiny 14th magnitude planet to be observable this month.

Venus is in Ophiuchus, in the evening sky and setting around midnight PDT. The magnitude -3.5 planet's phase goes from gibbous to slightly crescent during the month of April.

Earth is in Libra, too near the sun right now to be readily observable. But dedicated Earth-watchers can content themselves with watching the antics of our two moons, Phobos and Deimos, from our lovely red planet on this April 1st.

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