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Auction XX

Jim Van Nuland

On Saturday, April 15, an astronomical swap meet and auction will be conducted at Houge (city) Park in San Jose. Sponsored by the San Jose Astronomical Association, this is our only fund-raiser.

Doors open at noon (or only slightly before) for the swap meet. Each buyer pays the seller. Sellers are to keep track of their sales, and pay a 10% commission. For big items, there's a commission cap of $50/item.

At about 3:30 we'll break down the tables and set up for the auction. Items for auction must be registered, but there's time for that during the day. Auction starts at 4, usually done by 6. Settle-up is done afterward by one check to (or from) SJAA, then the items may be claimed. The same commission applies. Seller specifies minimum bid; if not met, it goes back to the seller with no commission applied.

There are no table fees other than a $1 requested donation for the auction bidder/seller number. We do not handle charge cards. The commissions are tax-deductible, as SJAA is a 403(c)(3) educational organization.

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