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SJAA Sports New Online Names

Morris Jones

The San Jose Astronomical Association has finally made a name for itself on the net.

It would seem that the logical internet name for the SJAA would be Unfortunately that name already belongs to the South Jersey AIDS Alliance. belongs to the San Jose Arena Authority. In the "Big Three" domains, .com, .org, and .net, the name was still available. Now it's ours - belongs to the San Jose Astronomical Association.

As of early this year, SJAA members can now reach our web page and mailing lists by using the nifty and mnemonic name of Ephemeris articles may be sent to "" Email aliases will soon be available for SJAA officers as well. The member mailing list can be reached at

Before we actually acquired the .net domain name, we registered a name in the free ".US" domain as well: While obviously the address is considerably less typing, one must admit there is a certain attractiveness to the name If only it weren't for that pesky required hyphen in the middle of "san-jose," that might have been our preferred name. As it is, we don't have to choose; both names will get you to the SJAA web site or email aliases.

The SJAA web site is graciously hosted by the University of Arizona Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Seds will continue to host the web site and mailing lists for the forseeable future. The new SJAA domain names will direct you to the official web site wherever it happens to live.

All of the existing email addresses and web addresses will also work for the forseeable future.

"You have seen the UFOs, haven't you Dave?"

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