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Astronomy Educator Position Available

Astronomy Educator for Family Astronomy & Other Programs

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has a full-time position available for a creative, energetic astronomy educator, with interest and experience in K-12 education, the role of families in learning, and the development of hands-on astronomy activities. Applicants should have excellent oral and written communications skills, good background in basic and observational astronomy, and at least two years experience in astronomy education programs that reach out to K-12 students, teachers, or families.

The position will be split between an NSF-sponsored education and outreach program aimed at families called Family ASTRO and the other educational programs of the ASP. The successful candidate will be a senior staff member at the Society, should be a team player, and can have a significant role in setting future directions and creating new ASP programs in education and outreach.

Job responsibilities will include researching family science programs around the country, helping to create and test a series of new family astronomy kits, designing training protocols for family astronomy, and then being one of the leaders of the resulting workshops. Other duties involve helping to write and produce educational materials in astronomy (to be distributed through the ASP catalog), researching and writing grant proposals for educational projects and materials, and working with the media and the public to answer questions about astronomical events, news items, and ideas.

You may write or call (415-337-1100 x 100) for a more complete job description and background information. The tentative start date is March 1, 2000, but this is somewhat flexible. To apply, please send a resume, up to three non-technical writing samples, and a cover letter explaining your qualifications for and interest in the position. Include the names of, and contact information for, three professional references who are familiar with your work in education and outreach.

Send application packages to:

Educator Screening Committee
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

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